Bonnie & Clyde

This past weekend was truly momentous. “Bonnie & Clyde” with the Musical Theatre Guild at the Alex Theatre was thrilling! …and such a special way to spend my birthday, with people I admire and respect, playing opposite one of my dearest friends in the world. What a gift!

I developed such a fascination with these criminal characters while delving into their history. Being a fan of poetry, I loved reading all that Bonnie Parker expressed in her poems. She was sensitive and imaginative! She loved art and cinema. I’m certain she would be thrilled by the beauty and glamour Faye Dunaway brought to her story in the famous film.  The artifacts they left behind reveal killers who showed deep feeling and a palpable, passionate love for one another. They were dreamers who took a wrong turn.

These misdirected kids had such talent. Clyde was a musician. His saxophone was found in the car they were ultimately killed in and his guitar was left behind during a police shooting. He asked his mother to recover the guitar from the police. They obviously refused. I love that story because it proves how delusional they were, and also that he loved that guitar.

They could have made beautiful music together. So, I supposed it’s patently appropriate for their story to be sung as a musical. What a wild and gripping tale!

Book by Ivan Menchell     Music by Frank Wildhorn     Lyrics by Don Black

Bonnie & Clyde left a camera behind, full of personal photos.

Bonnie & Clyde left a camera behind, full of personal photos.

Photo by Stan Chandler.

With Willy Collyer as Bonnie and Clyde.
Photo by Stan Chandler.

B&C Newspaper


Will Collyer as Clyde Barrow

Brandon Michael Perkins as Buck Barrow.

Brandon Michael Perkins as Buck Barrow.


The Barrow Gang

Photo by Alan Weston

Photo by Alan Weston

Photos by Alan Weston

Photos by Alan Weston










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