Parrot Stew


INGREDIENTS: Carrots, peppers, lemons, onion powder, garlic powder.


If Persnickity the Parrot had her choice of summer stew

She’d choose something sweet and ruddy

with something spicy, too

She’d infuse it with heat from the cuddy

until reaching precisely the hue

of a California Poppy

And call it Parrot Stew.




Figgy Butter

Since figs have been forming in overwhelming abundance outside my window, I decided to do some fig fetching with Meredith. It was time to create something special… Figgy Butter has only 4 ingredients and requires no sugar! To be served to charming friends as a side spread or glaze.


A few friendly figs figured it would be fun
to steam in a stew somewhere out of the sun
Twas the friendly figs fate
to meet up for a date
and the dates were not to be outdone
They spun and they spun to a rising boil
Far from their birth where they rose in the soil
The figs and dates knew
That this cinnamon stew
would be quite a fresh brew to uncoil
And so they were blended
Forever intended
to satisfy dimples delight
As their lives were ended
their purpose was tended
to serve a sweet sauce for tonight.