Figgy Butter

Since figs have been forming in overwhelming abundance outside my window, I decided to do some fig fetching with Meredith. It was time to create something special… Figgy Butter has only 4 ingredients and requires no sugar! To be served to charming friends as a side spread or glaze.


A few friendly figs figured it would be fun
to steam in a stew somewhere out of the sun
Twas the friendly figs fate
to meet up for a date
and the dates were not to be outdone
They spun and they spun to a rising boil
Far from their birth where they rose in the soil
The figs and dates knew
That this cinnamon stew
would be quite a fresh brew to uncoil
And so they were blended
Forever intended
to satisfy dimples delight
As their lives were ended
their purpose was tended
to serve a sweet sauce for tonight.

Glorious Summer



The passion flower is blooming

while it’s vines are gently looming

All the while we are consuming

watermelon and the sun.

It’s fruit we’ll be a’tasting

while we avoid a bee sting

The summer, born for wasting

time and leaving chores undone.

Food and music all are brighter

everybody’s feel in’ lighter

It’s heaven for the writer,

the necessity of fun.


IMG_7778Special thanks to Colin Ebeling for his green thumb and cool hat.

A Very G’Night


Stumbling through the back of this day

Our souls lids are growing weary

We shall rest in each other’s way

Your colorful kiss revives the dreary

Take my hand and take my time

I give it freely

I let loose to you all that is mine

What’s mine is yours, really

Stay. In our dreams we’ll have a holiday.



 **Is it rude to take pictures of strangers kissing? I assumed they wouldn’t mind.

Folks who are kissing don’t care about what they’re missing and happy dears are kind. **


Desert Snow



While roaming through the springs
I viewed a rare sight
Goes to show we don’t know things
to be fully black or white
But all love I will exert upon you before you go
And long after the desert turns white with snow

Pink Priscilla

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.42.03 AM

The liquor store had kept

Pink Priscilla as a pet

to draw folks to the store

She found them entertaining

Until they became draining

and the green box lady was a bore

As time went on

it was clear she was a pawn

Didn’t feel like entertaining anymore.

When they sensed in her restraint

They turned her into paint

So she’ll always be outside the delivery door.


Susan’s Lament


He surrounds himself with glib distractions, traveling alone

Says he wants to build a life but cannot find a home

Can’t forgive the father that he wanted to admire

Now, any woman close to him will be burned by his fire.

Unaware of shallow lies

He meant not what he said

He seldom laughs and never cries

He walks amog the dead.

And though I feel the painful pinch

of what I feel I’ve lost

To pay the price to build a king

my spirit it would cost.

And now I’m back to loving who I was and who I am

After lending the part that once fed my heart

to the hand of a mere man.

©2014IMG_0508 IMG_0509